Thursday, December 12, 2013

Promising Practice

Promising Practice Second Option #1

Attending the annual anchor madness event relates to many things that we have been learning in class. In many of the different readings that we have done in classes. For instance this event made me realize that there really are rules and codes of power. At Rhode Island College, they had a special event that was supposed to be for the different dorms to chant against each other to win competitions to win different things for their dorms and to show school spirit. The athletic department made this happen but rushed all of the activities. This is because they had to bring out the sports teams, but mainly they had to introduce the men’s basketball team. At this school the men’s basketball team is like royalty. This team gets pep rallies, emails saying when they have games, coach busses to every game including the games that are not even far away and much more such as million dollar score boards. While others teams are lucky to take the vans to the games. For instance one team had to take a van cramming ten members and all of their gear to a four hour away game on top of each other. To me this puts in perspective that there are rules and codes to power. This reminds me of Kohn because since this team brings money to the school and recruits, if they get nice things which are like saying good job, then they will do better. Overall I think that going to this event showed me that Kohn moments do not only happen in classrooms, it happens in everyday life to get people to do certain things. If there is a school event to recognize the people who live on campus, there really is not a need to bring out a team and promote all their games and such as much in my opinion coming from an athlete at this school.  
Promising Practice Second Option #2
During diversity week I attended the open mic night. At first I was apprehensive about going to this because I have never been to an event where there was open mic and poetry. Once I got there I found my seat sat down, and began to listen to what all of the people had to say. I was most moved by someone who wrote a poem about LGBTQ. As this person was presenting their poem, they talked about what it was like having to keep everything in to themselves because they did not feel like their parents and friends would accept them. Once this person told their loved ones they began to realize how much support they had. I am now looking back and relating it to Augusts, Safe Spaces. This is because we talk about how this issue is not really brought up in classrooms or at school. This school has a whole week dedicated to that which I think is amazing. “We contend that including LGBT people and issues in curriculum is an important first step toward creating safe spaces for LGBT youth” (August). Although this topic may not be in curriculums in college classes it is still important that there is a week dedicated to this. By this person going in front of a group of random students that they have no clue who they even are, expressing themselves is a great step for the future and I think that the school made this person comfortable by letting them speak out. Overall I am happy that I went and I hope that this school continues to raise awareness about this subject because you really never know whose life it can change just by sitting and supporting them while they explain their story.

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